Haze Industries Inc. was founded in 2011 in Atlanta, GA. The company started its journey by becoming a distinguished re-seller of the aromatherapy products. Focusing on customer oriented service, Haze Industries created several online retail e-commerce platforms for vaporizers and vaporizer accessories. The company’s vision and the unique marketing efforts brought an incredible success with a 135% growth rate in the first two years of operation.

Haze Industries started building new sales channels in 2012 and entered into wholesale distribution of vaporizer products to national and international customers. B2B channels started expanding with unique technology and price model offerings. The company differentiated itself from the competition in the industry by creating specific brands and unique offerings to the B2B customers. Haze has hired industry experts to expand the product and catalog offerings. The new lines entered into the catalog from mods, tanks and glass accessories which compliment the vaporizer products.

In 2013, Haze started engineering their own product line in Atlanta, GA. The Haze Vaporizers has been modeled and patented after two years of detail oriented hard work. After the release of the first and only dual chamber vaporizer, Haze quickly became a very well known brand in the portable vaporizer market.

Haze Industries continues to expand its businesses and sales channels to national and international markets while expanding its technology investment into newer products which offer one of a kind features to its users.