Why Haze For Your Vape Business


Fast Free Shipments
FREE SHIPPING: We ship your items FREE of charge, anywhere
in U.S. Most items get shipped the same day of ordering. Simply
contact your account representative with your order and we will
take care of the rest. If you prefer us to ship to your end
user directly, you can also use our Vape Dropship Service. Easy
to use and hassle free.
vaporizer return processing


NO HASSLE RETURNS: You can comfortably accept returns
from customers. We will provide you with necessary steps to
get your defective merchandise replaced. Contact your representative
with a list of returns, we will take care of the rest for you.
NO COST to you.

Newest Brand Vaporizers
LATEST BRANDS: Always have access to the latest brand vaporizers.
Our BUY BACK GUARANTEE program offers no risk inventory investment
for all store owners. You can try all new products and see how
they sell for you. We buy back all items that you cannot move
in your store. You can enjoy the top margin new items at NO
RISK to you.

Free Store Advertising
FREE STORE ADVERTISEMENT: Your success is our access. Enjoy
totally free advertisiment program for your store. We advertise
your store through your local channels. Let customers hear about
your vape store. In addition, get promoted to our 350K plus
retail customer base. Customers are searching and we make sure
that they hear about your business. Contact your account representative
for details.

Vape Consignment Program
VAPE CONSIGNMENT PROGRAM: For qualified stores, we offer
consignment service. We will deliver you a great variety of
vape products. You pay Haze after selling the goods. No upfront
payments, no wasted capital. Use your cash to grow other parts
of your business. Minimize the risk and maximize your profit.
We are the exclusive distributor of many brands. Choose from
3000+ vape products and expand your catalog offering to your
customers without tied cash to inventory purchasing. Contact
your account representative today. You can read more about Vape
Consignment Program here.